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OnePlus 5t launch for the price of 32,999 worth it.? Know more about the 5t

   OnePlus 5t comes as a upgrade to the recently launch OnePlus 5 in July, Though OnePlus assured the fans by saying that the OnePlus 3t was a one time thing and there are no casualties of any T series smartphone by the company but looking at the launch of the 5t just after 5 month seems like OnePlus is following 2 flagship a year..
      OnePlus 3t came with a spec bumb with an improved processor and it had same design of the OnePlus 3 but the 5t comes with a new aspect ratio to give it a futuristic look, some cool new features and an improved camera compare to the OnePlus 5.
     The OnePlus 5t has a price of 32,999 INR for the base variant which has 6GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage while the upper variant is priced at 37,999 INR which has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage.
     The price of OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5t are same and is exclusively available on and in OnePlus online store.. So is the OnePlus 5t a worthy upgrade for the OnePlus 5 which is the current Android champ..? So without wasting anytime lets just dig into this.!!

OnePlus 5T Design:-

   OnePlus continues the 2017 trend by giving us a 18:9 aspect ratio, with a screen of 6.01 inches. The optic AMOLED screen of the OnePlus 5t comes with a screen to body ratio of 80.5% which is good because other flagship's like note 8 and iPhone X has a screen to body ratio of 83.2% and 81.49% respectively
   To the back at the top we have the dual cameras and at the middle of the device we have the fingerprint scanner where it should be and the scanner is easily reachable, it is followed by the one plus branding
   To the front we have the 16MP selfie camera the ear piece. To the bottom we have the speaker grill USB type C port and 3.5mm headphone jack. To the left we the volume buttons and the Alert slider and on the right side we have the dual sim card tray and power key button
   The OnePlus 5T is made up of aluminum which has a soft touch finish it is only available in midnight black colour at the time of launch though OnePlus may launch different colour variant afterwards
Image Credit :- OnePlus twitter

OnePlus 5T Highlighted Spec's:-

  • 6.01 optic AMOLED 1080P screen, 18:9 aspect ratio and 401ppi
  • 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • 16 MP selfie camera with f/ 2.0
  • Dual rear camera 16MP primary camera of Sony IMX 398 with f/1.7 aperture pixel size of and 20MP secondary camera of  IMX 376K with aperture f/1.7 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, Octa-core, 10nm, proccessor clocked at 2.45 Ghz with Adreno 540 GPU
  • It has a 3,300mah battery also a 20W dash charger which tops up 60% of battery in just 15 minutes
  • 6GB/8GB of RAM with 64GB/128GB of on board storage
  • Has dual nano sim slot with no micro SD card support 
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack and alert slider is present
  • 156.1*75*7.3mm with 162g weight
  • It is made up of anodized aluminum
  • Runs on Oxygen OS based on Android 7.1.1
For full spec sheet go to GSMARENA:- 
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    OnePlus 5T Top Feature's:-

    1) Camera's:- 

    The OnePlus 5 had a standard camera and a 2X zoom telephoto lens but with the 5T the company went with the same standard camera of 16 MP sensor with f/1.7 and swap the secondary camera with the same 20 MP sensor but with f/1.7 with fixed focal length to improve the low light photography.
    OnePlus said that the 5T has intelligent pixel technology which gives clearer picture by merging 4 pixels into one when ambient light is lower than 10 lux*, it reduces noise in low-light environments.
    Image Credit:- OnePlus twitter

    2) Face Unlock:-

    The face unlock feature in OnePlus 5T is fast, it takes 0.4 sec to unlock the device. It is also faster than the Face ID in iPhone you look at your device and it unlocks you don't have to swipe up to get to the home screen like the iPhone and that's great.!

    Image Credit :- OnePlus twitter

    3) Oxygen OS:- 

    The custom home made ROM for the OnePlus device's is close to Stock Android but with some additional nifty features like the off screen gesture to launch an app, parallel app support, swappable navigational buttons, immersive mode to enjoy the full screen while using an specific app gallery maps which helps you to search photo based on your location and many more..

    Image Credit :-OnePlus twitter

    4) Alert Slider:-

    The alert slider makes a come back again it is not as simple as it looks in the OnePlus devices to switch between modes like DND, silent and outdoor. You can also customize this button according to your liking though the alert slider is nit ground breaking but it's a good thing to have and at the same time convenient.

      5) The Display:-

      The OnePlus 5T comes with an 6.01 inch Full HD plus display with a resolution of 1080*2160. It has a 18:9 aspect ratio with minimum bezel. The display is AMOLED and hence it has pitch black and good contrast. OnePlus said that the device has sunlight display which adapts to extreme lighting and automatically changes it algorithm to give you a clear view even in direct sunlight. The display gets of colour when viewed from an extreme angle but said so it's a best 1080P display you would get with vibrant colours

      Image Credit :- OnePlus twitter

      If you have any queries or suggestions comment down below and what you think about the OnePlus 5T.? Is the 5T you are looking forward to or you are pissed because OnePlus launch their flagship just after 5 months

      Buy OnePlus 5T:-


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